Gamerules! Bockaby: Magnum Opus. Read it!

Game Rules:

Game Map: Use the Ares Alpha app on your mobile devices.

Each team has two bases: a “Main Base” and a “Secondary Spawn”. They are marked with colored circles in your team’s color in the app. Different rules apply on the secondary spawns and extra spawns. Reed the information in the spawns.

Items are always placed in the “Main Spawn” and cannot be taken by the opposing team.

Main/secondary spawns are marked with yellow and black bands. Extra spawns with red/white. They are non-combat zones! Play fair! 

There are 2 extra spawns on the map (red and white bands). They are marked with purple circles in the app.

4 players from the same team are required to spawn at an extra spawn.

Only one team can use an extra spawn at a time.

Seconadary Spawn:

Eash team have one. Marked with your teamcolor in the app. And black/yellow bands. You can spawn here 4 times in a row. After the 4 time you need to go back to your main spawn. Spawntime: Every 5 min

Do not engage in combat in or near any spawn point of any kind! Different spawns may have different rules. Read the information in the spawn for specific rules.

Real-time updates are shown in the Ares Alpha app. Not all objectives are visible to both teams.

The team that owns a box is shown in the app. The box itself and a big zone. All Ares Boxes are visible in real time, regardless of the game mode.

Dominate Ares Alpha boxes (press your team’s color) for big points. You get more points for boxes you dominate that are further away from your own Main Spawn.

Find codes in the trees (envelopes in your team’s color) to get the complete “Numerical Code”.

Shoot Ares ATS boxes (3 total) until they glow in your team’s color.

Factory – Supply Depot: Use the tags.

Find flags, envelopes in your teamcolor, bags, and other items for points.

Scan QR codes to get Playercodes, Gold, EMP, UAV, Spy Cards, and more.

Hunt the VIP (visible in the app) – he has important information and he has gold and codes on him.

Retrieve gold bars/flags

Reach different points on the map, take pictures/screenshot and send them to 070-4880415 for points.

In the first round, locate and retrieve 2 boxes with 2.M.R. system keys that are in the area. These must be found, along with the codes to them. Then disarm the bomb “ANNA” in B1. The VIP may know something? Look for him (he has a tracker in the app).

Disarm the opponent’s ARES bomb. The bomb is visible in real time in the app. The opponents have two different bomb zones to choose from. Hunt! Once the bomb is placed in the zone, you have 40 minutes to disarm it. Keep an eye on the app.

Make sure the opposing team does not get the 2.M.R. boxes with the keys so they cannot disarm the ANNA bomb in B1. More about that on gameday.

Take the Ares Bomb to one of the bomb zones (your choice, but it gives different bonus points). Once in the zone, arm the bomb and hold it for 40 minutes for big points.


Check the Ares Alpha app for ongoing missions (applies to both teams). More missions can be found in the checklist in your Main Spawn. Talk to your teammates!

First hit:

Show a red rag, lie down, and call for a medic.

The medic applies a personal bandage – you are back in the game.

Second hit:

Go to one of the spawns. Main Spawn, secondary spawn or an extra spawn. Reed the information in the secondary spawn and extra spawn on how to use them.

Mandatory “bleed time” of 2 minutes after the first hit.

Be careful with the props.

Close Ares boxes after use.

Leave items at the spawn at the end of the game.

Stay within the map boundaries in the app.

Avoid civilians. No fighting on the roads! Pick up trash. Don’t empty your magazine in the forest! Take the hit!

Do not touch the opponent’s props that are marked with their team color, such as envelopes, etc.

Please let us know what you thought of the game on our Facebook page.

Constructive criticism is welcome!


  • All weapons must be Chronographed on site, in accordance with the site table. 
  • Make sure to know your BB-weight!
  • Specific rules regarding semi/auto might occur, depending on the type of game.
  • All participants that are assigned to a team must wear their arm bands CLEARLY VISIBILE, including those wearing Ghillie-suits. 
  • Eye-protection must ALWAYS be worn when inside the field. 
  • All players must have a “Death rag” and display it clearly while dead. Death rags can be purchased in the tent.
  • Use of radio is recommended. Radio channels are assigned during the game debriefing.


You are solely responsible for cleaning up after yourself, pick up any trash you’ve left behind. The organizer can provide bin bags by the tent. Dont empty tpyr mags in the forest or spawns!

The field is cleaned up mutually by any volunteers after the game. By keeping the field nice and tidy, we get to keep it for longer. 

During Game:

  • All game play is at your own risk.
  • Dont fight on the roads!
  • No blind-fire, you must see what you’re shooting at. Keep your stock against your shoulder. 
  • All BBs that hit a player, the players clothing, weapon, or gear, are counted as hits, apart from CLEAR ricochets. Knife-kills and friendly fire does count!

In the event of a serious incident, call ”Game off”. All players must mutually ensure the game stops on the field. A serious incident could be:

  1. Injury that requires First Aid
  2. Fire
  3. Civilians entering the field

Smoke and hand grenades may be used but must be approved by the organizers before the game starts. No smoke grande in the forest!

  • Before throwing hand grenades, shout ”Grenade” loud and clear.
  • Hand grenades are to be thrown with an underarm throw, not above head level. Hand grenades may be PLACED on the floor from one story to the one above, but not thrown.
  • Players on the second floor may not kick any placed grenades nor throw grenades down to the floor blow, within or outside the buildings.  
  • In open areas, a hand grenade kills all players within a 5m radius. 
  • Inside rooms, a hand grenade kills all players not protected by immovable objects such as walls. 
  • Minimum Engagement Distance (MED)
  • MED applies per weapon and will be determined when it’s chronographed.
  • All players must adhere to the MED prescribed for each weapon.
  • While engaging inside any building, only weapons classified for ”CQB” are allowed, their MED is 0m.
  • MED above 0m, is counted from the muzzle of the weapon to the building or player you’re aiming at. 
  • While shooting from the second floor, the MED is counted from the outside wall of the building, regardless of where you are. 
  • To shoot out from the first floor with a non-CQB weapon, the weapon should be at least halfway outside so that it is clearly visible for players outside the building.
  • Do not shoot through cracks or openings smaller than what you can fit your head through. 
  • Do not shoot through the “invisible roof” of the tarp buildings.
  • Dead players do not communicate anything else but that they are dead.
  • Semi fire only. Short burst for support gunners. 
  • Last, but not least, HAVE FUN!  AND TAKE THE HITS!!!